A mixed media and NFT limited edition collection, inspired by the gray area between our consumption of and the conservation of wild salmon. 


Growing up in Tofino, here on the west coast of Vancouver Island, I have been surrounded by salmon fishing, salmon culture, and salmon blood since I was a young boy. My father was a commercial salmon fisherman in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s – but he stopped and shifted to the more sustainable work of oyster farming when he grew concerned about declining salmon stocks. Today, wild salmon are negatively impacted by countless issues: from climate change, to farming, to habitat loss due to the forestry industry’s archaic practices.

How can we better protect this species we all know and love from extinction?

My life and career as an outdoor photographer is deeply connected to nature and thus, back to salmon, as these wild fish support our local forests, ecosystems, waterways, wildlife, and culture. I care about where my food comes from – and harvesting small amounts of salmon continues to be a part of my family’s life to this day. Let’s explore this gray area together – my hope is that this new series of mixed-media images helps to spark conversation on all sides of the issue.

Lifeblood is a limited edition series that includes a small release of paper prints, as well as a run of ten of my first-ever digital assets, or NFTs, launching on GRAAPH.XYZ on Friday, August 26. A portion of proceeds from this series will be donated to Redd Fish to continue their incredible restoration work ‘for the love of wild salmon’. 

Jeremy Koreski


The artist's proof edition will be on display at The Jeremy Koreski Gallery.